Health Ministries

At our church, Health Ministries is dedicated to helping our members and the community around us live healthier and more joyful lives. We do this by offering our members a variety of wellness activities and events, like our weekly Sabbath potluck which shows our congregation how to adopt healthy principles into their lives. We also organize seminars and classes on topics such as addiction recovery and stress management.


These are just a few of the ongoing health ministries we have established in order to help lift up our members and the community:


New Start Supper Club - Last Sunday of the month at 4pm  

12-Step Recovery Group - watch for a new start date!



New Start Supper Club is a free Healthy Lifestyle supper and seminar that meets monthly to educate and support our community in reducing disease and promoting improved health happiness through lifestyle practices. 

Free Suppers: Delicious plant-based, Whole Foods, reduced/ oil free dishes served. Recipes and cooking tips are shared. The food really is delicious. 

Seminars: Educational seminars are given after the meal about ways to reduce disease, lose weight, and use natural remedies and plants to heal the body in a natural way.

No prior registration needed.