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Small Groups


What are Small Groups?

Small Groups are a small gathering of individuals centered around common interests. They are a space where people can come together and be vulnerable, make connections and build community, and meet Jesus. 

How do they work?

Facilitators form Small Groups and they can have weekly or twice a month gatherings.  A Small Group should have no more than 10-15 members, depending on the group. 

Who can be a Facilitator?

A facilitator must be a Berkeley Springs SDA Church member in Good standing and at least 18 years old. They must be someone who is willing to foster a warm and welcoming environment for the small group.

What is the role of a Facilitator?

A Small Group Facilitator determines the meeting times and location of the group and communicates key information to the participants. A facilitator fosters a culture of support and vulnerability in the small group and coordinates spiritual emphasis (i.e. prayer, scripture, devotion, etc.) They must be an active participant in the small group, while also encouraging everyone to participate. A facilitator should inform the board if they are unable to fulfill their role.




Current Small Groups: